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Why Does y Dashcam Stop Recording and Beep?

Generally, once powered on, the camera starts recording automatically.

If it beeps unexpectedly and stops recording, please troubleshoot by below three points.

1. Card:  As footage recorded by dashcams is saved on the micro SD card, an incompatible or faulty card will affect recording.

So, please format your card to FAT32, if you find it convenient, we suggest you deep format your card by downloading the program to your computer.

If the issue persists, could you please try one card we recommend?

Click this FAQ for more details about the card we recommend.

2. Connection

  • If you are using hardwire kit or third-party cable, please make sure you test with the original car charger, as well as other alternative power ports, and power supplies.
  • Unplug the rear or interior cameras if you have, best to test the main body only to troubleshoot.

3. Reset the camera to the default setting

It is best to reset the camera and try the basic functions to find out the cause the soonest,

Click Support if you need VIOFO customer support.


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