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Why is my dashcam keeps beeping and flashing?

There are several factors that may cause this issue, and beeping means the cam stops recording and is warning you,

1. Card issue.

Sometimes cards may be incompatible or may get defective after long use, please deep format the card using this program. (do not tick quick format)

Or try a new card. Here are the cards you can refer to.

Here are links for the Samsung Pro Endurance card and VIOFO card.

2. Unstable rear camera or interior camera connection.

You can unplug the rear camera or interior camera and just test the main body itself, try all power ports, original car charger cable, and third-party cable, as well as other power sources.

3. Firmware issue.

It's suggested you reset the camera and  update the latest firmware via the link below:

4. Faulty cam body itself,


If all fails, you may need to replace the cam, contact us below for technical support.

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