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How to connect to the WIFI in MT1 ?

How to connect to WIFI?

1. Power camera: Once powered, the motorcycle camera MT1 will start recording automatically, the REC led will stay solid and the blue WIFI led will flash. (Card already formatted to FAT32 and inserted into camera)

2. Phone WIFI setup: Go to your phone WIFI and find the camera SSID. (SSID starts with VIOFO-MT1).

3. Open VIOFO APP: Once connected, turn on the VIOFO app.

Here we offer you a video for reference.

Why both REC and WIFI led flashing? and WIFI not connected?

The issue is likely do to with incompatible card or unstable connection.

1. Card
Please format your card to FAT32 format; 
Use a new recommended card if the issue persists.
(Please note we only recommended the first 3 types in the pic.)

Tips: Click Recommended card to get more details.

2. Connection

There are several pins inside the port, and a notch to aligh to.

Please make sure all cables are well connected.

Click Customer Support if you need more information.

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