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Why is my dashcam not recording in dual or triple channels?

Once connected firmly and steadily, all channels should record simultaneously, their videos stored in the card respectively.

While there do exist some unexpected situations.


  1. Connect to 2/3 channels but the interior/back camera (or both) are disconnecting once in a while, hear voice notifications of switching channels once in a while, or find the interior/back camera live video disappearing sometimes. 
  2. Connect to 2/3 channels but the interior/back camera (or both), but only find main body recording.
  3. The main camera work alone well, but acts abnormally once connected to a second or triple camera.
  4. The main body works alone well, whether connected to a second or triple camera or not.

How to troubleshoot?

In all scenarios, please make sure you have tested with the original car charger, as well as the original rear/interior cables.

Please also test the main body alone.

Here we give detailed instructions to troubleshoot

  • In scenario 1, it appears the connection is not stable, you can reconfirm the connection, or try a third-party able if you have one.

Note: 1. If you are using A139/A139 PRO 2/3CH, we suggest you test the other power port in the main body or switch the cable and camera of rear& interior cameras to cross-check.

          2. If you use A129 PLUS DUO, the rear camera firmware may help.

 A129 PLUS Rear Camera Firmware Upgrade

  • In scenario 2, if the rear or interior cameras are totally not detected, you may need a new cable or camera, or both.

In rare cases, it is the connecting port in the main camera that is faulty, you may seek VIOFO Support for a replacement.

Note: If you are using A139/A139 PRO 2/3CH, please remember to do the cross-check as we advised above.

  • In scenario 3, the solution is different depending on your camera model.

As for A139, you may need new back cables or cameras'; In the rarest cases, the whole setup needs to be exchanged.

  • In scenario 4, you may need a new rear/interior cable or camera, or both.

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