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Can the dashcam record when my car engine is off?

  • As the camera needs a constant power supply for recording, you can either buy the hardware kit and fuse tap to get power directly from your car battery or buy a portable battery pack, so the camera enters parking mode.

Hardwire kit & Fuse tap

  • We have different hardwire kits for different camera models, and you may choose accordingly.
  1. HK3 for A119V3/A129 DUO/A129 DUO IR/A129 PRO DUO/A129 PLUS DUO
  2. HK3-C for A139/A139 PRO
  3. HK4 for T130/A119 MINI/A229 

  • As to the type of fuse tap, you can confirm the type first with your car's local service shop and purchase it in a local store, or you can purchase it on our website, we also offer a 4-type bundle in case you do not know which type to choose.

Portable battery pack

Note: As most of the power banks' capacity is not big enough, it may not last for 12 hours of parking recording. We suggest using the hardwire kits for parking recording.

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