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Do Dashcams record when you're parked?

Yes, the camera can record during parking, but you need to ensure constant power supply first.

There are two solutions in this case.

1. Buy hardwire kit & fuse tap and draw power from fuse box directly

This is the standard option.

Connect the camera by hardwire kit to your fuse box directly, BAT red cable to a constant live port, and ACC to an accessory port, so when the car engine stops, the camera gets a signal from hardwire kit and sends the camera to the parking mode automatically.

Click this FAQ for hardwire kit installation guide.

2. Use an external battery pack as a power supply

Click this FAQ for an external battery guide.


  1. If you use car charger and your cigarette port is constantly live even when the car engine is off, there is a risk of battery drainage; 
  2. If your car battery fuse box has no accessory port (which loses power when the engine is off), there is no way to enter parking mode with hardwire kit.

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