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Can I turn on/off Parking Mode with a button?How Does Parking Mode Work?

There is no switch or button to turn on/off parking mode casually at present, but you can choose "off" in menu "Parking mode" to disable it from the start.

1. How is parking mode activated when using hardwire kit?

First, choose one parking mode in the menu, so that when the car engine switches off, the yellow ACC cable in hardwire kit sends a signal to the camera, so the camera switches to parking mode. When the engine restarts, the camera switches back to normal mode. all done automatically without manual work.

Please note the BAT red cable must be connected to a constant live fuse, as the camera needs a constant power supply to record.

Note: Please do not switch the ACC and BAT cable, or connect both cables to a constant live fuse, otherwise, parking mode can not be activated.

2. Do not need parking mode?

First, if you have installed the hardwire kit but do not need parking mode, you can unplug the power cable directly when parking your car or choose "off" for parking mode as below, so the camera turns off when your car engine is switched off.

Another solution is to combine the yellow ACC and red BAT cables to a live port in the fuse box.

Note: As most cars' cigarette ports lose power after parking, if you use the original car charger cable, camera turns off after parking.

Even if your cigarette port is constantly live after parking, there is a risk of battery drainage, so we suggest installing hardwire kit or use an external battery pack as a power supply.

3. When will the camera stop recording in parking mode?

The camera stops recording in this mode in two ways normally, either it reaches the chosen protection cut-off voltage or it reaches the parking timer you set, the two functions do not contradict each other, and the camera stops when either condition is met.

  • When you choose the lower level such as 11.8V/23.6V, you could get more parking videos, as the camera record longer.

While 12.4V/24.8V is a much more conservative choice.

  • You can also set a timer for parking, there are several options.

 If you choose "off", the camera shall continue recording until it reaches the protection cut-off voltage you set.

Click here to get more details about cut-off voltage and battery drainage.

Click here to get more details about external batteries.

Click here to get more details about the menu and options.

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