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Why does not parking mode work?

  • What is Normal?

Generally, as long as the camera is hardwired and parking mode is chosen on the menu, the camera will enter parking mode when the car engine switches off, and you will hear a voice notification "Parking recording, started“ or find the icon on the camera screen (if the camera has) change.

  • Scenario 1: The camera stops recording when the engine is switched off

It is the yellow ACC  cable in hardwire kit that detects voltage changes and sends a signal to the camera, so the camera switches between driving mode and parking mode automatically, if your camera does not switch to parking mode, please reconfirm the ACC and BAT connection, the ACC cable must be connected to an accessory port.

Click VIDEOS for videos about hardwire installation.

  • Scenario 2: The camera stops recording during parking mode unexpectedly

Normally, cameras stop recording in the parking mode when your battery voltage drops down to cut-off voltage or the parking timer activates, so please use a multimeter to test the voltage or count the time.

If you confirm that neither condition is met, please refer to below five tips to troubleshoot.

  1. Recheck the hardwire kit connection, fuse tap, etc.
  2. Reset the camera, and choose low-bitrate parking mode to troubleshoot.
  3. Use the original car charger cable and see if the camera also stops recording in driving mode unexpectedly.
  4. Check if your card is on the recommended list
  5. Check if issues persist with only one channel recording.

Click Cards to know which card we recommend.

  • Scenario 3:  The camera keeps recording in driving mode even the car engine is off

Check if the ACC cable is connected wrongly, it must be connected to an accessory port.

Tips: Generally, you can find red light in the hardwire kit once connected.

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