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What to do if the dashcam can't work normally during parking mode?

Scene 1: Turn on the parking mode on the cam but there aren't any parking videos.

Hardwire kits connection issue:

1. Please check if ACC cable is connected to ignition fuse tap and BAT to the constant power tap,

use a multimeter and test: ACC no power when ignition off and BAT constant power ignition on or off.

2.Use the original car charger to enter parking mode:

Take the dashcam home, plug it into a household socket, and put it in a corner without any motion or sound.. 

After 5 minutes, the dashcam will enter the parking mode automatically.

You may check by the files recorded in the card or the signal on the screen to confirm,

Card issue:

Format the SD card on the cam or using our GUIFormat  tool as below:

Scene 2: Dashcam stops recording or record intermittently during parking

1. Please check if you set the parking mode timer.

2. Please check if the voltage protection is taking effect.

3. Please check if the missing videos are in other folders, like the RO folder.

4. Please check if the SD card is not working well, you may format it or try a new one.

below are the SD cards we recommend. 

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