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Why is my dashcam losing some recordings?

This issue may be caused by a false/unstable connection, unstable power source, and defective card, defective card most likely.

if only parking videos are missing, we strongly recommend you recheck hardwire kits connection)

We shall recommend below steps to troubleshoot,

1. Card issue,

Sometimes different cards may be incompatible or may get defective after long use. we shall suggest trying the below cards.

Links you may refer to:

2.  Connection or power issue.

 Please try another cable/power source/cam port to troubleshoot.

3. Firmware or setting issue,

Please try the firmware update and reset the cam at the last chance,

two ways to reset the cam, choose the Default setting on the menu or use a toothpick to stick the Reset hole on the side of the cam,

If it still fails, you may shoot a video and seek Viofo for support.

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